The Fitness Branch is dedicated to quality movement- We train for function in everyday life by offering group classes and personal training, geared towards strength, endurance and recovery. We want our clients to be STRONG, FLEXIBLE and MOBILE! TFB offers clients a one-of-a-kind personal experience, with expertise that goes beyond making you sweat. 

River North (RiNo) neighborhood of Denver CO.


"We go beyond making you sweat!"

"My goal with The Fitness Branch is to bring quality movement to our clients and share my knowledge and experience in physical therapy, injury prevention and rehabilitation in every class."

Leandra Branch, Founder


Kettlebell training is a full body function! It not only combines strength and endurance conditioning, but also increases your mobility and flexibility—teaching you to move with quality and within your full range of motion. With the proper technique and guidance, we promise you'll learn for yourself why kettlebells are so special!


We train for function by offering group classes and personal training geared towards strength, endurance and recovery. Owner and Head Coach Leandra Branch has a background in Physical Therapy, and she has programmed TFB around this knowledge. Our mission goes beyond making you sweat—we will change the way you move and feel! Join us, come experience a smart way to fitness!