The Fitness Branch Team

All our instructors are SFG or RKC certified professionals. This means that we value form and technique at the highest level. Come experience a smart way to fitness!


Meet our team!


All TFB coaches are SFG or RKC certified instructors. This means that we value Kettlebell form and technique at the highest level!



The Fitness Branch is run by Kettlebell fanatic Leandra Branch and her husband, who also caught the Kettlebell bug, Benjamin Howard.

The Fitness Branch offers clients a one-of-a-kind personal experience with expertise that goes beyond making you sweat! We believe that within a fun, supportive, inspirational and educated environment anyone can exceed their goals and become a healthier, stronger version of themselves.



LEANDRA BRANCH, Founder & Head Coach

Leandra received her Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) in April of 2013. Graduating with recognition, she was immediately asked to assist future certifications, a true honor! After a summer of teaching friends in the park she soon had enough cliental to open the doors to The Fitness Branch, October 2013. 

Through the years Leandra has created a name for herself in the Kettlebell world and in Denver! Having a background in Physical Therapy and a Bachelors of Science with an emphasis in integrative physiology, she specializes in injury prevention and movement rehabilitation. Her clients not only get a great workout but also increase their range of motion and flexibility as well... essentially they learn to move with quality!

BENJAMIN HOWARD, Co-owner & Coach 

Ben completed his RKC 2016, after years of attending his wife's classes he finally took the plunge! The years of handwork paid off, Ben graduated top of his certification with his technique and ability to teach leading the way. 

Ben is known of energy and is always coming up with new and inventive workouts that will keep you guessing. You will be sure to have fun and get your booty kicked in the best way possible!


KATIE PRISKE, Coach Priske

Katie received her Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) in 2016 after discovering her passion for Kettlebells and her love for strength. Katie loves being part of the community at TFB and loves our clients like a second family.

Katie is known for sweetness, but knows when to turn it on and get it done when its time to work. Her years as a student show through her classes. Katie emphases the importance of form and always encourages our students to be their strongest most mobile selfs. Her classes are fun and dynamic, making her a great asset to The Fitness Branch!


MR. BALOO, Moral Support Coach

Mr. Baloo is our mascot and loves visiting his TFB family ! He enjoys hanging out in his "spot" enjoying the air conditioning and dosing off. Baloo is known to greet his favorites and ignore new members, don't worry he warms up to you the more you visit!

If you're not into dogs Baloo understands and would love to stay home the day you visit, just let your coach know.