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Balance Your Diet
6:45 PM18:45

Balance Your Diet

Confused about diet balance? 

Intro: Who feels consistently tired or rubbish throughout the day? What are some breakfasts that people eat? How do you feel a couple hours after breakfast? What do you feel like are some of your primary struggles with healthy eating and food? 


This first nutrition class will overview nutrition basics and how dysregulated blood sugar and stress have a massive impact on your cravings, your metabolism and how you feel throughout the day.  We will begin the class with several discussion questions to get the class thinking about their relationship with food and how it is impacting their overall health, from there I will serve out a stress blend tea to help put the class in a more relaxed mode. We will then overview the following topics: 

  1. The importance of a balanced high-fat, high-protein breakfast to jump start your day.
  2. Blood sugar balance 
  3. How stress can affect your blood sugar and overall health
  4. The importance of fat for blood sugar balance, brain health and hormone production
  5. Basic meal principles
  6. Herbs for blood sugar balance and stress relief. 
  7. Tea discussion
  8. Questions
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